Supplies Required For Effective Irrigation: Water Storage Tanks & Taps


Water is an essential part of irrigation, and it needs to be stored and then utilized in the most optimum way in order to fulfil the needs of the area that requires irrigation. Two of the basic supplies needed for this purpose are the best available and affordable water storage tanks and taps. Let us look into the details of each in this article.

Water Storage Tanks;

Before we delve into the specifics of which water storage tank would be best for you, let’s first clarify what they are and how they are used before deciding which one best meets your requirements. For usage in agriculture, industry, and domestic purposes, water is kept in tanks. Water tanks are used to store water for a variety of uses. For instance, drinking water, food preparation in the home or at work, irrigation for agriculture, care of plants and animals, agricultural farming, the production of chemicals, and many other purposes.

Water tanks are a practical and efficient solution to have clean water on hand in underdeveloped nations.

Water Storage Tank Details;

Tanks for storing water come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. It might be buried, portable, vertical, or horizontal. A water storage tank can be constructed out of a variety of materials, including plastics, steel, fiberglass, concrete, and stone. These days, plastic tanks are used because of their longevity and low or no risk of corrosion.

Why use plastic? Steel water storage tanks are susceptible to corrosion from interactions with connected connections, the environment’s corrosiveness, and the effects of stray electrical current. Therefore, it would be advantageous and generally less expensive to seek the opinion of professionals in this area. It would be simpler for you to choose wisely if you decide to purchase water storage tanks if you were aware of these minor but crucial factors.

The vertical or water storage tanks in our selection of water harvesting tanks work best to supply the water storage components for rainwater harvesting systems. These tanks can be customized in the colors of your choice and are available in black, green, and natural colors upon request. These tanks are available in 40 sizes, with capacities ranging from 150 liters to 90,000 liters. Another great feature is that framed support bases can also be produced. These horizontal water storage tanks would be one of your best options if you want to install a water storage tank for household usage or a small office. Installing any of these would save money over-time and cost.

Working together with well-known companies and distributors, Norms Irrigation is pursuing all types of water storage tanks, irrigation services, garden irrigation systems, and water filtration systems in the USA. Our systems are easy to install and operate using their controllers.


We cannot survive without the convenience of having a tap (bip or pillar) in the house, garden, or field.

Tap varieties;

Let’s discuss some fundamental tap types that are present in our environment. How their functions differ from one another, which tap should be installed, and where. There are two popular types;

  • Pillar taps
  • Bip taps

Pillar Taps of Various Types Are Mentioned Below;

Compression Water Taps;    

There are usually separate hot and cold water operations on these taps. The “washer covered nut” must be turned counterclockwise to open and close, controlling the water’s flow.

Ball Taps;

These taps can be identified by their rounded cap and single lever handle. Because they have a ball fitting and a handle that controls both hot and cold water, these taps are also referred to as mixer taps. To make it simple for the water to pass, the ball rotates and positions the various holes.

Disk Taps;

Single handle mixer taps known as disk taps have a broad cylindrical shape.

Cartridge Taps;

Because the components in cartridge taps are similar to those in the previous three types, you cannot tell which type you are using unless the tap is disassembled. They can be handled either single or double.

Kinds of Bip Taps;

It is defined as a tap that discharges the water downward with a nozzle and a horizontal entrance. The different types are mentioned below;

Long Body Bib Cock;

It is a pipe-mounted tap with a bent nozzle that has an additional length to allow for room between the wall and the water drop point. The length of the nozzle is the only distinction between a bib cock and a long body bib cock.

Two-way Bib Cock;

It is a contemporary invention that provides versatility when connecting hand showers or bathroom faucets and is frequently utilized.


Working together with well-known companies and distributors, Norms Irrigation strives to provide all types of water Storage Tanks and Bip Tap supplies, along with other irrigation services, garden irrigation systems, and water filtration systems in the USA. Our systems are easy to install and operate using their controllers. With more than two decades of technical experience, our highly effective and skilled Team can address any concerns you may have about irrigation, Bip tap installation, or filtering. If you want to speak with a professional about the best water filtration systems, you can contact us at normsirrigation.com. You can also schedule an appointment. Our friendly technical advisors and highly skilled team will work with you until you are completely happy.

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