What Are the Most Suitable Supplies & Tools for Irrigation?


Let us make absolutely sure we are knowledgeable about the types and systems utilized for irrigation before going straight to a store to get the goods. Irrigation is a method that uses measured amounts of water to water plants and fields at the appropriate intervals. For more than 5,000 years, it has been an important aspect of agriculture and the primary output of many communities. If we look back in time, we can see that irrigation was the cornerstone of many communities and economies from Asia to the United States.

Different Kinds of Irrigation & Mechanisms;

  • Sprinkler Irrigation;

Pipes are used to deliver water to one or more central areas inside the fields, where it is then dispersed using high-pressure sprinklers or guns. Also referred to as overhead irrigation, when water is sprayed on the ground or a crop like rain.

  • Drip Irrigation;

In this technique, the water drips precisely where the roots are located. It is also known as the system that is most water-conscious.

  • Micro-irrigation;

Through a system of pipes, low pressure water is distributed. It is also known as low volume, confined, or trickle irrigation.

  • Surface Irrigation;

This type of irrigation is the oldest and has been around for a very long time. Water flows across the surface of an agricultural property, moistening the surface and into the soil.

Through these examples, you now know which equipment should be purchased based on your demands. You know how to make a decision whether you want to acquire an irrigation system as a whole or a single piece.

  1. Naan Dan Jain: Turbo Hammer 501 U Complete 2.0mm

This Turbo hammer’s utility makes it ideal for landscaping, greenhouses, home use, and growing vegetables.

  1. Hydro S: Drip Tape – 20cm Spacing 1LPH 16mmx 2200mtrs

This technologically sophisticated maze minimizes the possibility of clogging while enabling accurate and regular water distribution. The dripper is easily available and has great anti-syphon qualities.

  1. Naan Dan: Micro Sprinkler 7110 Inverted – 3/8″ ww – 360°

This equipment would be a useful complement to the recent irrigation supplies you purchased for irrigation, circulation, and microclimate (Horticulture and viticulture, Orchards, Greenhouses and nurseries, Landscapes). 

How Can I Select Polyethylene (Pe) Pipelines? Expert Opinion?

Irrigation systems, civil projects, water distribution systems, and sprinkler stands all frequently use polyethylene (PE) pipes. Our PE irrigation pipes, also known as polyethylene irrigation pipe for garden irrigation system in USA, have proven to be the most in-demand, making them available for bulk orders as a one-stop shop for all irrigation needs and solutions. The entire selection of PE irrigation pipes, drip tape, coils, and lengths are offered in a variety of lengths and price points. These specs will assist you in determining how and why PE pipes would be the greatest option for you to fully satisfy the irrigation’s needs, whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned user. It has large temperature ranges from -40ºC to +60ºC.

  • A smooth inside surface and strong chemical resistance
  • Long lifespan and very inexpensive cost
  • Ideal for use outside thanks to UV stabilization

It is non-conducting and elastic. PE pipes are suitable for drinking systems for livestock, particularly poultry farms. However, it is a laborious task to punch holes in the pipe. Our team decided that this PRO version of the PE Pipe Hole Punch was necessary in order to create the ideal holes in a shorter amount of time while minimizing the worker’s time from fatigue to productivity.

The top grade PE (Polyethylene Irrigation) pipes and fittings are offered at a reasonable price. Please call us or come to our office if you are seeking for a specification that is not included within the product’s category for better assistance. There is a vast range of products available in the market for gardeners and or green lovers but knowing which one is workable and best for you needs technical expertise in one’s field of interest.

Prefer Stainless Steel Pipes Since…

Due to their resistance to corrosion, stainless steel pipes are widely used. Its low maintenance requirements, recognizable shine, and resistance make it the perfect option for many projects that require both steel’s strength and resistance to rust and corrosion. Due to its remarkable corrosion resistance, it has been in contact with water for a long time. Plumbing, wastewater treatment, and distillation are only a few of the various circumstances used in the application and installation. For water contact, stainless steel material types 304 and 316 are the norm. However, higher alloyed stainless steel varieties as type 2205, super duplex steel, and super austenitic steels are employed because of the increased chloride content. 100% of recycled stainless steel is available.

Seamless stainless steel is an additional common variety. It is employed in applications that call for internal pipe pressure. For instance, maritime applications or water treatment. It is utilized for medical tools, various appliances, cookware, and cutlery and comes in the shape of sheets, plates, wire, bars, or tubes.

The water’s chloride content must be taken into account to ensure the greatest corrosion performance. Whether buying them for the garden or various sized fields, picking the right stainless steel pipes is crucial. Underground stainless steel pipes can be erected and fitted to water fields of any size. It is advisable to cooperate with those who are knowledgeable in this area and who regularly choose or install the proper stainless steel pipes. It would be excellent to meet with them and go through your needs because the knowledge you would gain from the professionals would be useful for both commercial and financial aspects.


Working together with well-known companies and distributors, ‘Norms Irrigation’ strives to provide all types of irrigation services, stainless steel pipes, lawn irrigation systems, and water filtering systems. Our systems are easy to install and operate using their controllers. Contact our technical experts if you’re thinking about purchasing a variety of dependable and long-lasting irrigation products, and they can guide you appropriately. Our team is equipped to handle any installation of irrigation supplies because we have years of technical knowledge. To schedule a consultation with a specialist, call us! Our friendly technical advisors and highly skilled team will work with you until you are completely happy.

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